Thursday, July 1, 2010

Japan Team's promo campaign for world cup 2010

" I really inspired by the spirit of the Japan Team on their final act in the world cup 2010 versus Paraguay. They had really come close to the world cup stage that no one will ever predict & think of Japan going this far. The night I watching the game was their skill and team spirit really got my fully support, hope their can proceed to the next stage. They really try hard against their opponent to the end. that they got stumble by paraguay player. After that night no one will underestimate the Asian."

After that I search some of the Campaign they had done for promoting their Team Japan through online. Some of the ideas really niche. the way they promoted they using their best identity... "manga", they basically recognizable worldwide for their manga and animation. Therefore this time also no exclude of using the ideas, but how they executed it that make I like about. The design style was like using an revolutionary of propaganda poster images and generate the energy and strength.

SkyComic, a huge giant mural that develop by citizen of each cities to paint a single, massive graphic on ground to introduce the starting 11 player and was laid out on the grassy lawn of Tokyo International Airport for two days (where incoming and outgoing flights would take notice).

Japan Comics/Animation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup: