Friday, November 11, 2011

Augmented Reality Profile

finally on this special date, the website had launch, here a quick preview of one of the interesting section embed into the new site!

Yes~ Augemented Reality profile, although after some time, this ideas had present in you tube since 2009, developed & enhance by saqoosha & others more.because of the name of augementad reality misleading the original idea of what this programing actually do..

An open source code, so everyone had toy with the idea if you search in you tube. it can be a simple way to using this ideas to show your personal details & also develop into a complicated programing to do a lot of things. True... i find this interesting to show your info rather than using a pixelated QR code =)

Because of the open source rules , so I also need to accept the term & reveal the source code i use to do this programing. I'm a designer & not a programing developer, so there are not rules to follow.. I only write the code to archive the results I wanted.

so be ready for this tutorial & the open source codes for the below video, available in my blog.