Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Design Work Flow

*A collaboration work with Szuey
How does every project started for a graphic designer? I'm sure for those that is not in this industry will probably don't know and doesn't realize how a design project start. below is a short description work flow for the above design project.

The Design Work Flow: Fun新Fun心~喜迎春
The first perception after we are on with this project, is to create a look and feel for this CD album design to its targeted market group.At first we try to combine photo by explore various styles, just to make sure we are on the right path before we start with any design rationale.
*Design proposal screen shot.
With various of style been consider, we know that which one our design should focus on and just to have a solid definition, a mood board is created to showcase what we target to archive for the design outcome. This is for both client and us to have a clear vision on what we are to strategize with a design style.
*Design proposal screen shot.
We've come out with some design directions for clients to have a clear decision of which concept are to be finalize or to further improvise from the design proposed.

Thats how the above concept (A prosperity moment of outdoor scene, with cute & doodles’ element & graphical scene environment. Using colourful & simple graphic to bring out the festive yet modern design & Chinese New year Moment. ) was agreeable by everyone and to proceed on to adapting to all the necessary promotional material, such as cd album, poster & banner...
*Poster Design
After the initial concept is define, the next attempt is to add more design enhancement to the packaging structure base on the cost and budget allocate for the project production cost.
*Design proposal screen shot. (Suggested design for packaging structure)