Saturday, August 9, 2014

Responsive Website Update Work In Progress

It's tough when you want to do something new, especially something you need to learn first before you can create. Responsive website is getting more and more adapted, and popular trend for website.
Thats why I thinking of updating my . But before i can really launch it. It still need a lot of refining and retouching on the layout and migrate all the contents last time.

Here some sneak preview of my work in progress = )

Monday, May 19, 2014

How Much Should A Creative Design Worth

Quite Often I got lot of enquiry asking for design job. But usually before client haven start let me know the details and job requirement. They just want to know the price.

This is quite hard to determine, because if not everyone or 95% of any designer can give you an accurate cost of a design job price. Experience designer can only give you a correct estimation base on the time and effort they can do in a day. then times back the amount of days need to spend on doing each job or project. That is why we say time is money.

So before you have any design work in your mind or need some graphic design work. but sure to gather as much info you have.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Chinese New Year Contest

This Idea of playing this game is to link all 4 different brands of Facebook fan page, to play this contest. How to play this ?
We come up a same design photo and contest look and feel. Each of the Facebook fan page will select a finalist that has the best wishes as comment. After that, we will gather them & use their (wishes) to collects the most likes from all their friends or fans.
 The finalist who get the most likes will take away all the prize below for this Chinese New Year. Don't hesitate, just type in any auspicious wishes you can think of and get our attention.
We also create a special template for you to make it more interesting. You can change your profile picture to any horse picture we provide, so after you commented below the picture. You can see a lot of horse racing at your profile picture box. Its like a horse racing, whoever gets to the finish line~ get the prize =).

click picture link to find out more


1.) Post an auspicious comment below this photo.

2.) 1 Lucky finalist will be notified from each Facebook page below to compete at the final stage.

3.) Winner among finalists will stand a chance to win our Grand prize total worth of RM2,888.

Start posting now!

( Grand Prize include: All Original Burberry pale blue long sleeve shirt ( male ), Longchamp Le Pliage Short handle Handbag , Coach Wristlet & High quality imported fish net office chair )

***** Game Tips 1 *****

* Be Active & Attract us with your best Chinese New Year wish in our comment box !

* Increase your chances of winning by participating on other sponsor Facebook page below:
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